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Friday, November 2, 2007

Transportation Secretary, Mary Peters, Wants to Lower Motorcycle Deaths

Today, Transportation Secretary Mary Peters has announced new initiatives to support motorcyclists. Peters is, herself, a motorcyclist. According to USA TODAY, she has proposed a new plan that includes:
  • Training. DOT will develop national standards for entry-level motorcycle riders to achieve what Peters calls "a baseline of competency."
  • Enforcement. DOT will create a training program to teach police officers about specific efforts to reduce crashes.
  • Education. Public Service Announcements will feature Peters on the importance of helmets and other protective gear. A "Share the Road" campaign will remind drivers to be alert for motorcyclists.

Check out the complete story and offer your comments on this new plan, below.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Police cannot do anything to prevent crashes. They only respond to crashes. Its the same with automobiles. Getting police involved only means they have another excuse to harass motorcyclists. The real issue "Is", "WAS", and "ALWAYS WILL BE" visability of the motorcyclist. Having the headlight on is meaningless now that cars and trucks have daytime running lights. The color of the motorcycle is not going to make much difference either. The only thing I see of value is for the Motorcyclist who cares about saving his or her life is to wear a day-glo lime green jacket without reflective gray tape. Reflective gray tape does not good during the day and at night its only of value for a motorcyclist walking around. I have 43 years of experience and have spent a lot of money on lime green sweat shirts (without decals or reflective tape), lime green long sleeve T-Shirts, Lime green jackets (3 season type). I also have a lime green rain suit without reflective tape. I want the rest of the road users to see me a mile away. I of course also added two extra white lights in addition to the high beam. Yet after all this time I only recently learned why cars and trucks pull out in front of you when they see you coming. A motorcycle coming toward a car or truck that has cars following it appears to be the same distance away as the car following it. I myself almost pulled out in front of a motorcycle because I myself believed the motorcycle was as far away as the car was. I instead waited for the motorcycle to pass. When it did pass I was surprised to note it was perhaps 200 feel or more in front of the car. It was an "Illusion" that the motorcycle and car were close together. The best advice I would give any car or truck driver is when you see a motorcycle coming toward you it is better to let the motorcycle go by you and do not pull out in front of it or you risk an accident which will spoil your entire day.