Monday, November 5, 2007

Motorcycle Trikes Becoming Popular

I've been riding a motorcycle trike for seven years. My wife got hers before I got mine. I wrote an article about her experience in getting her trike.

In the beginning there weren't too many of us out there and we got a lot of attention on the road, in parking lots, and especially at gas pumps. I even wrote an article with standard questions I get and my answers.

I also wrote a How To about learning to ride a trike.

Then I created a Trike Picture Gallery.

I spent yesterday on the road traveling to Lewes, DE for the second Polar Bear Grand Tour run. I'll be blogging about that later today. As usual, I was asked at every gas stop about the trike and heard the same questions again.

Today, I see that the Wall Street Journal has a piece about trikes and it has a few pictures too. It's called The Easier Rider: Baby Boom Bikers Defect to the Trike by Jonathan Welsh. Maybe we are becoming mainstream after all. Take a look.


Mike said...

I'm starting to see more and more trikes all the time out where I live in Southern California. For now, I'd rather just drive a car than a trike but they absolutely serve a purpose for those who might be too old for a scoot or perhaps handicapped folks. I say whatever gets you out there!

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Anonymous said...

I guess Mike has not thrown a leg over the saddle of a trike yet. I am on 2 wheels but my wife is is considering triking her Gold Wing. I thought it was an old folks scoot until I rolled on the throttle of a triked GL1800.. Not for the faiht hearted... Sure no lean, steering takes a little getting used to but, not a car not a bike but maybe the best of both... There will likely be a trike in our garage keeping my two wheeler company before long...

Try it you might be surprised


Sarah said...

Awesome blog. I saw one of these Trikes on the road the other day in Dallas. It was really nice. I too want to own one some day.


power sports said...

The trike scene is with out a doubt picking up big time...anyone around here know a reputable mechanic?

Mike said...

Not only are we seeing more trikes, we're seeing more trike builders and more trike accessories available on the market. I recently found out that my uncle in Bama' has been making "trike trailer hitches" for him and his buddies. Any interest, check'um out at their new website and tell'um Mike sent you.