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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veteran's Day on the Polar Bear Grand Tour

This morning I woke up and realized that I didn't have my flag out for Veteran's Day. It was about 38 degrees as I retrieved the flag from my foyer closet, made my way down the front sidewalk to my flagpole mount, and affixed it to the mount. We usually have the flag flying every day but had brought it inside a few weeks ago while heavy winds and rain were trying to rip it to shreds. Anyway, the flag is now flying.

This is also the day for the third run of the Polar Bear Grand Tour here in New Jersey. The run was to go to Old Bridge, NJ. This is a short run for us -- 38 miles round trip. It was a bit nippy -- 40 degrees -- as we got on our heated clothing and headed up to get gas. The trikes were near empty from the Polar Bear trip last week to Lewes, DE.

When we pulled into the Knights of Columbus in Old Bridge, we were greeted with a sea of motorcycles saturating the parking lot. There was even overflow into the grassy, weedy, and wooded areas that are usually frequented by wandering animals. Once inside, we encountered lines for check-in, the food area, and even the restrooms. When I see lines, I find something else to do until they disappear. I went outside and took pictures. You'll find the pictures and my captions on the Polar Bear Web site: Old Bridge Pictures

Next week the Polar Bear run is to Port Jervis, NY.

Picture © 2007 Walter Kern

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