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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Google Glass - the Next Generation Wearable Computer for Motorcyclists

I used to ride with my 10-year-old digital camcorder attached to an arm on my handlebars. Normally, my Garmin GPS was attached but I could remove it and add another extension to be able to screw the camcorder in and take videos while I rode. That technology was quickly replaced with much smaller camera modules that could even be attached to a helmet. Now, Google steps up to provide the next generation called Google Glass. Here's an excerpt from an article appearing in CycleWorld.com by Brian Schrader:
"'Google Glass' heads-up-display glasses have hit the tech world with a bang. A promotional video shows lots of different applications for these 'wearable computers,' from enhanced reality to video recording, picture taking and more. Now, everyone is thinking about practical applications. As motorcyclists, we were immediately concerned about an increase in distracted driving, already a huge threat to traffic safety. At the same time, we also wonder what it would be like to use Google Glass while riding." -- Brian Schrader, CycleWorld.com
Read more and watch a video.

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