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Friday, July 4, 2008

The Fourth of July and Motorcycle Haiku

I was watching the Millionaire Game on TV a few days ago and saw a question that I didn't think one in a thousand people would know the answer to.

    "How many syllables are there in a Haiku?"

Well, that immediately got my attention since I knew the answer: 17. The first line contains 5 syllables, the second line contains 7 syllables, and the third line contains 5 syllables.

How'd I know that?

It's because I have a Haiku feature on my site that contains many Haiku poems submitted by motorcyclists just like you.

The feature is called Motorcycle Haiku Poems.

Here are three examples of Haiku poems. The first I just made up one minute ago to fit today's date and the other two are contained in the feature:

    july 4th is here
    motorcycles and the flag
    summer brings freedom

    summer calls to me
    come ride your motorcycle
    live without your cage

    heartbeat thick inside
    riding harley-davidsons
    free as an eagle

Be sure to check out my Motorcycle Haiku Poems and maybe submit a motorcycle Haiku of your own.

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