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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Family Fun with Motorcycles

Here's a great family story I just saw that involves motorcycles. In my family, it's just my wife and I that ride. Can't get the kids interested and probably won't be able to get the grand kids interested either. This story is about a complete family that rides. It's by Matthew K. Roy of the Salem News in Massachusetts. Here's an excerpt:

    "Look at the photograph taken a half-century ago. Mom's on her motorcycle. Dad's on his. Sitting behind him is one of their children. And in a side-car attached to the rear of his bike are four more. Meet the Blais family. They took to the road on motorcycles back then and haven't stopped. The matriarch of this motorcycle family is Peggie Blais of Danvers. She has nine children in all, six sons, three daughters. 'They all ride motorcycles,' said Peggie, 79."

Read the complete article.

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