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Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Book, 50 Wild Motorcycle Tales, Has Been Released as an Audible Audiobook on iTunes, Audible, and Amazon as of April 14, 2015

After almost four months of work converting my book, 50 Wild Motorcycle Tales, into an Audible audiobook, I and my publisher, Silverton Audio, uploaded our final recordings to Audible (ACX) and got approval to make the book available on iTunes, Audible, and (soon) Amazon on April 14, 2015.

I had the help of two professional narrators, Kim Holmes and Sam Smith, to do 40 of the tales. I narrated 10 tales. Five stories were written by me and the rest were submitted to my website, Motorcycle Views, over the years.

I spent three months editing and revising these stories before the paperback book came out last year.

I hope you will listen to the sample recordings on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible before you download the audiobook.

I'd also appreciate any online reviews you might want to write after you have a chance to listen to the audiobook.

Walter F. Kern

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