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Saturday, May 18, 2013

2014 Honda Grom Introduced

Honda is bringing out a new model, the Grom, they include in their Sport category. It's only 125cc and intended to attract a few new riders to the sport. I have included it on my Honda Models page.

I found an article by Jerry Smith of Motorcyclistonline.com that describes the Grom. Here's an excerpt:

"Like every motorcycle manufacturer, Honda is fishing for new riders, and the 2014 Honda Grom is the company’s latest lure. Think of it as a bright, shiny spinner, like the kind you’d use to catch that big ol’ lunker that lives at the bottom of the lake. Except the big one Honda is after is Generation Y, which consists of young people who have smartphones glued to their heads and are so wrapped up in digital technology they have little inclination to get driver’s licenses, never mind buy cars or motorcycles. That’s a worrying trend for anyone in the business of building two-wheelers, one Honda hopes the Grom will reverse." -- Jerry Smith, Motorcyclistonline.com

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