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Saturday, April 13, 2013

90 Years of BMW Motorcycles

BMW Motorcycles is celebrating "90 Years of BMW Motorrad." In this article from Cycleworld.com by "The Wire," you'll learn about the first BMW motorcycle, the 1923 BMW R32, and you'll have the opportunity to view some rather spectacular videos about both the men and machines of BMW. Here's an excerpt:

"28 September 1923 marked not only the opening day of the Berlin Motor Show, but also the beginning of motorcycle construction at BMW – with the public unveiling of the BMW R 32. This was a motorcycle whose essential drive concept – an air-cooled twin-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine with cylinders mounted horizontally to the direction of travel, manual gearbox driven directly by a friction clutch and shaft drive – is applied to numerous BMW models to this day." -- The Wire, Cycleworld.com
Read the article and watch the video. Important: After the 90 second video contained in the article, just let the video continue. You will see more in-depth BMW videos that will continue on and on. I found it interesting. Now read the article about the first BMW and watch the videos.

Here are some BMW resources you may also want to take a look at:

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