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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jay Leno Discusses and Rides the Mission-R Electric Superbike

Denis Flierl of TorqueNews.com has published an article that discusses the Mission-R electric superbike with Jay Leno. Jay then takes us on a ride to see how the bike compares to a regular superbike. The bike is quiet, has no transmission, uses Android 7" tablet technology for an instrument panel, and has a range between 80-100 miles, depending on how ridden. Here's an excerpt:
"It's no secret that Jay Leno loves cars and has a stable of over 100 classic and collectable cars in his garage, but he also has over 100 motorcycles in his collection. So it was only natural for Leno to invite the team from Mission Motors over to learn more about the companies Mission-R electric motorcycle and its technology." -- Denis Flierl, TorqueNews.com
I suggest you play the video in full-screen mode. Read the article and see the Video.

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