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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Motorcycle User Reviews

One of the most popular features I had on the old site was Motorcycle User Reviews. These were written by actual owners and sent to me. I did a complete edit job on each User Review. I also started asking reviewers to send me a picture of their bike to include with the review. That made for a really excellent product that both described the pros and cons of the bike and also let the reader take a look at the actual motorcycle. I had close to 800 user reviews.

I have also started up a Motorcycle User Reviews feature on my new site, Motorcycle Views. Currently it has close to 50 user reviews. I want to grow this feature but it all depends on you. I know you like to tell others about your bike and I know that you like to show pictures of your bike. Why not sit down and write a user review of your bike and send it along with a picture to be included in Motorcycle User Reviews?

Take a look at the Motorcycle User Reviews I already have and then Submit a Motorcycle User Review, today.

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