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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harley-Davidson Recalls 2006-2007 Sportsters for Exhaust Hazard

Harley-Davidson has issued a recall of certain 2006-2007 Sportster XL1200L and Sportster XL1200N motorcycles.

Certain motorcycles were built with a condition whereby the pant leg of some riders can have direct contact with the exhaust pipe. This condition could cause the pant leg to char or burn, which could lead to the possibility of injury to the rider.

18784 units are affected.

Check out my Motorcycle Recalls feature for more details.


Anonymous said...

Not only did ny girlfriends right pantleg catch fire, there were also flames coming out from behind the air cleaner. She baild out just before the bike burst into flames, 2007 sportster low model, with 900 miles on it, bought at Barbs HD in camden county N.J. The dealer and the factory rep pretty much told her to get lost, no mechanical defect caused the problem, case closed, go deal with your insurance company. I feel real bad about this because she is a new rider, took the HD riders course, and I brought her to this dealer. If anyone has had a similar experiance, and would like to discuss it further, contact me at trapperjhn@comcast.net. You would think the "motor company" would like to have known exactly what did cause this new bike to burst into flames.

Anonymous said...

they dont care mine was a month and 12 days old when it caught on fire and exploded 30 seconds after my husband jumped im still paying what the insurace company didnt you can contact me at a.godwin@yahoo.com its a long story

Unknown said...

I have a 06 883r sportster that has been lowered.My right bottom pant leg caught on fire and i sustained a serious burn on my leg.The dealer that i bought the bike from said that my particular model wasn't under the recall,but they will install a fire shield at no cost to me.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to read the previous blogs as I just had the same thing happen yesterday. I'm considering myself very lucky that I was turning into a parking lot on my 2007 XL 883 low when I felt a searing heat on my right leg. I looked down to see my right pant leg in flames. I slammed the brakes and had no choice but to dump the bike to the right and run for the grass to put out my leg. I only have a small burn and a lot of chrome damage but my bike didn't catch fire. It will be interesting to see what Harley does to help as I didn't know there was a recall. If anyone wants to chat about how Harley helped or didn't help them after something so scary, please contact me at phillynurse@aol.com.

Anonymous said...

My pant leg caught fire I looked down s& hit a car head on.... 2007 nightster.