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Monday, April 30, 2007

My Motorcycle Trike Video on YouTube

I started working on a video about two years ago while I worked on the old site. It was a two-minute video that melded motorcycle trikes and the young kids favorite, Flat Stanley. I never got to put that video up. I just created a much longer -- 9 minute -- video based on that old video but with much more detail. I put the video up tonight on YouTube. Take a look.


Anonymous said...

We loved your Trike video with Flat Stanley. I'm glad he didn't give you any back-talk.
I bet that was a lot of work to put together, but it was really neat!
Thanks for the education on Trikes and Flat Stanley as well, Walt!
Our best to you and Janie.
Debbie & Clyde

Anonymous said...

Your Flat Stanley educational video on trikes was really fun and informative. We just got a trike. My husband drove it all the way from South Dakota to our home in North Carolina. He is a much more experienced two-wheel rider than I am and states he isn't comfortable handling the trike in those mountain curves (although he did a great job!). He wants me to ride it but the first time I tried I felt like I had no control over the direction I was going in. (I have been riding a Harley Ultra for the past 8 years so am used to a big bike, and, by the way, rode it to and from South Dakota!) Is there a good source to just get basic pointers on how to ride a trike? Or can we communicate with you more directly to get some advice? Thanks!
Carolyn and Vernon

Unknown said...

To Carolyn,

I have a few trike articles on my site and also a How To. Check out Trikes and How To Ride a Motorcycle Trike.


Anonymous said...

I just saw your trike video. So glad it was still up. Just converted my Harley 07 Sportster into a trike. It was made for me by Road Mason as I only wanted a solo seat. This has helped me so much, I am 66 and have riden bikes on and off since I was 18. This is like learning to ride all over again. Good grief. Thanks again.Mrs Ken Brown