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Thursday, January 11, 2007

New "Motorcycle Views" Web site

I've been working to create a small Web site to contain much of the important articles and features that I have authored over the last seven and one-half years. The beginnings of that site are now available.

I have named this content-site "Motorcycle Views" and fully realize that most people will be a bit confused by having both a Web site and a blog with the same name.

At dinner tonight with members of the GWRRA Chapter NJ-F (F Troop), I mentioned what I was doing and immediately found people who didn't even know what a blog was. I tried to explain but got glassy stares back. Even my wife couldn't quite keep straight that there was a difference between my "Motorcycle Views" Blog and my new "Motorcycle Views" Web site.

To minimize the confusion (I hope), I have a link on every page of the new "Motorcycle Views" Web site that leads back to this blog. I also have a link on the new site to the new forum where most of my previous forum members are hanging out. I've also asked them to take a look at the new site and give me feedback regarding any problems they encounter in using the new site.

Right at this moment, the site is tiny but I have plans to grow it rapidly with articles I already have. I just wanted to get the structure up and running and let a few people take a look at it. I do value your opinions.

So, please take a look at the new Motorcycle Views Web site that has the domain name of motorcycleviews.com. I hope you will Bookmark it or add it to your Favorites.

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