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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Some Aging Motorcyclists Want Motorcycle Hearses and Facebook Too

Aging motorcycle riders love their motorcycles and, increasingly, their social media participation. Some want to use social media as part of their own funeral services. Some even want to be carried out in hearses pulled by motorcycles. Here's a story by Peter Gray of NPR.org that shows how all these elements came together for one such motorcyclist. Here's a quote:
"Old Aristocracy Hill isn't a part of Springfield, Illinois that draws a lot of attention. The quiet neighborhood dates back to before the Civil War, its historic homes now carefully preserved by proud business owners. But outside a stately funeral home, a large black-and-chrome Harley-Davidson motorcycle trike pulls out of the parking lot, towing a matching casket in its glass-sided trailer. It's not something you would expect to see, but it's exactly what 67-year-old Lew Bird says his friend Dave Rondelli wanted: one last ride." -- Peter Gray, NPR.org
Read more and, if you like, click the top of the story to hear an audio version.

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