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Friday, January 11, 2013

NHTSA Says, "Louder Please."

Many riders say: Loud Pipes (Bikes) Save Lives. Maybe this is truer than you might think. The NHTSA is now realizing that some bikes are so quiet, especially at low speeds, that something ought to be done to turn up the volume so that they can be heard. It's becoming a safety concern. A recent article from MotorcycleDaily.com discusses the motorcycle loudness issue. Here's a quote:
"If the NHTSA has its way, quiet motorcycles will be banned! To be more specific, electric vehicles of all types, including two wheelers, are frequently so quiet that they pose a safety risk to pedestrians at low speeds." -- motorcycledaily.com
Read more and, be sure to look at the video to see and hear what Domino's Pizza is doing with some of their delivery vehicles.

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