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Friday, March 23, 2007

Antique Motorcycle Ads Gallery

One of my forum members, MadMichael, has a collection of antique motorcycle advertisements that appeared in magazines many years ago. These ads are pretty interesting and reflect the times they appeared. You'll find ads from WWI and WWII.

The prices were very low in those days as you'll see. There are many Harley-Davidson ads, a few Indian ads and then some ads for obscure makes. Take a look at my Antique Motorcycle Ads Gallery.


Anonymous said...

From what year did he decided to collect motorcycle ads? What makes him decide to collect? This is interesting, you got a piece of history there.

MadMichael said...

I came across my first dozen or so ads by accident at a local antique mall, where there was a room about 20 X 40 feet filled with old magazine ad tear sheets, with a specific section for motorcyles. This was in January, 2005, and I had some Christmas bonus cash to spend. I have since acquired ads via EBAY and other online stores.