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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Major Motorcycle Rallies for 2009

In the off season, many riders like to plan rides to various motorcycle rallies. I have just updated my motorcycle rally article and schedule for 2009 to assist you.

Motorcycle rallies (biker rallies) are simply gatherings of riders and motorcycles at specified times and places usually with attendant vendors, food, games, and other activities.

Motorcycle rallies or biker rallies may last from a day to more than a week. Some major motorcycle or biker rallies are built around organized professional motorcycle races.

Motorcycle rally attendance varied widely from a low of a couple of dozen riders or less to huge organized rallies with hundreds of thousands of riders.

My updated article, Motorcycle Rallies (Biker Rallies) - Major Rallies for Motorcycles, gives basic information about motorcycle rallies. The second page of this article contains my list of the top motorcycle rallies.

The picture shows me raising my arm after I parked my bike on Main Street at the 1993 Sturgis Rally. That was the year of the great Midwest floods.


Rie21 said...

Hello Mr.Walter...
I see Your Blog, and I think your post was so good. I like to read your article and photos. I wanna exchange My Link to You, have Your Link in My Motorcycle Relevant Links in My Blog. I hope You do same My Brother. Thank You before.

Walter Kern said...


I have just added your link to my blog.


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Walt:

I raised my arm like that after parking my bike in New York City, and ten yellow cars zeroed in on me and stopped.

I have some good news (finally). A procedure on my left hip has enabled me to raise my leg a little higher, without pain. I am planning in a full season of riding -- as long as I have a job to support it.

I am planning on hitting that BMW rally in Gray, Tennessee this year. I might be able to hit the BuRP Rally too, if it is held at the same time.

Planning rides for the summer is the only thing that has gotten me through the winter. I hope to have lunch with you in the spring.

Fondest regards,

Mary said...

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