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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sons of Anarchy - New Motorcycle TV Show on FX

Check out The Sons of Anarchy on the FX TV channel this Wednesday, September 3, 2008 at 10 pm ET. This is an original series centered around both a family that rides motorcycles and the motorcycle club family of which they are a part.

I had heard of the new HBO series, 1%, but it's going to come out much later than this one on FX. There was controversy about 1% because Sonny Barger, founder of the Hells Angels, had brought a lawsuit against HBO. The folks involved with Sons of Anarchy do not seem worried about any legal action by anyone.

Here are a couple of links to stories about this drama that some are referring to as "Easy Rider Meets the Sopranos."



The show also has its own fancy website:


I'm sure there will be mixed reviews on this new show. It will be portraying the lives of motorcycle riders who come from a small segment of motorcyclists. It will be dramatic and might result in non-motorcyclists tending to paint you with the same brush that the creators of Sons of Anarchy used to define its players.

This new series may not be as great as The Sopranos -- which took early barbs for misrepresenting the Italian population -- but give it a chance. It could be like most of the big screen motorcycle club movies of the past with emphasis on violence and mayhem. Then again, with the extra time accorded by episodic TV, it may allow character development so we can begin to know the people involved in the story.

I know I'll be watching. Expect a review after I've seen the pilot and one episode.


Anonymous said...

Son's of Anarchy sucks! All soap opera and no bikes! Seems to me Most guys that are riding with a club, Do so because they like BIKES!

Anonymous said...

So far, the authenticity seems good enough. However, the real-life grittiness, the language and the promiscuity of the club women can't be adequately represented on network television. On a casting note, I think Charlie Hunnam (Jax) is too "Hollywood" for this show. His looks, speech and mannerisms are not matched well to those of an outlaw biker. There has been more of a tendency to recruit British actors for American roles. For this TV show, Hunnam's foreign traits and pronunciations do not translate well.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I am not a bike ryder, but grew up with everyone having bikes. As Beavis and Butthead would say, "this show sucks more than anything has sucked before. I still see Peg nomatter how hard I try not to. None-the-less, I haven't missed an episode. The detective from my favorite show, The Shield, just doesn't work. The one guy in the club looks like the fat guy from Lost. If Vic and his crew rolled into town that bike club would soak their panties.

Anonymous said...

some one who has been around bikers all her life...
You people are judging this show too much,I have been around Bikers my whole life and actually this show is some what true and Charlie Hunnam (JAK) is actually pretty good now and days the guys that are in biker clubs are pretty young boys they are charming and they can be ugly when they need to be. People judge bikers in so many ways, I ride a motorcycle I love the feeling I am a female but I also have been around the biggest bike club my whole life and they are not so bad some are doctors,lawyers and crooks but they are still pretty cool and like i said they can be ghetto when they need to be you will be surprised that most of them are pretty cool with big hearts but at the same time they can be A*****e,its how people r not just bikers and not just motorcycle clubs.
you anonymous writers should first be around bikers before you talk and discriminate them.

Anonymous said...

This show is the worst in my opinion id wrather watch a soap opera, I cant even stand watching the commercials for it im ashamed at whoever watches it you should STOP... o yeaa the shield isnt all that good either, very boring in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

having been in an m.c. since puberty guys i can tell you this show is spot on with a lot of stuff maybe a little artistic licence here and there but hey its meant to entertain after all

Anonymous said...

Son's of anarchy is a drama not a documentary so stop going on about it not being true to life its for entertainment and also for the person that said about to many british actors in it there are american actors and mc's over in the states do have british members so its no difference. Dog Uk

Anonymous said...

Its a tv show - its job is to keep you watching so you'll soak up the commercials.

So its got a broad demographic set-up. Designed to appeal to outlaws, wannabes, and everybody else who has a buck to spend of the crap are selling you.

The initial series will set up an "edgy" true to life - yawn - feel. then they will soften it up. The narration is already setting this up - by season three this will have become scooby do meets the A-team,,,,, - they will be doing toy runs to save the orphan home from the grasping developers. Its shit

BG - Ipswich Suffolk UK

Anonymous said...

I ride and find it uninteresting watching actors who mostly don't ride themselves pretend to. Funny to see men get into a soap opera.. what's next bonbons and fuzzy slippers?

Anonymous said...

you guys that are dissing this show are losers. Who cares whether its realistic or not --i enjoy watching this show and thats all that counts. Like the guy who wrote that its not a documentary but a tv show hit the nail on the head and heres a novel idea for all the haters. just grab the remote and hit "american idol" where youll feel more comfortable.