Saturday, August 9, 2008

Motorcycle Pastimes in the August Sun

It's been a slow week. Maybe people have finally decided to take a motorcycle vacation since gas prices are starting to inch downward again. Some have gone to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally but I hear that vendors and attendance there are taking a hit this year.

A lot of people are taking staycations this year. I guess I'm one of them. I have to save up to be able to participate in the Polar Bear Grand Tour that starts the last weekend of October. Gasoline for two trikes could end up costing $1000 for that six month tour throughout the winter. I take all the pictures at the various runs and maintain their website.

For those not out on their motorcycles, here's a few things you can do on my website:

Now if only they had motorcycle racing or motorcycle trials in the 2008 Summer Beijing Olympics, there would be more to do.

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Walt:

The e-mail airwaves have been remarkably quiet the past few weeks and it has been getting harder and harder to get a rise out of people. Folks may be away, but I suspect the daily grind is beginning to wear more than a few down.

Topic discussion occasionally becomes more like work when the issues pass from anecdotal to actual data mining. I have been grounded by this arthritis, which has kept me from riding throughout most of the summer.

Nothing delights the heart and soul of a rider like a compelling ride report -- and I have none to offer the serious biker.

I have taken your advice and looked to other biker-related pursuits as suggested on this blog. I tried to get a tattoo. My first choice was a simple BMW roundel on my upper arm. The artist declined, claiming that if I lost weight, the tat would look like one of Salivdore Dali's melting clocks.

So much for that.

So I went to your 'Women in Motorcycling" section, which got my knuckles rapped at home. I forgot what I was looking at and tried to order two of the models on display.

Fondest regards,
Jack Riepe
The Mighty Vindak8r